Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student
Photo of a parent and student

A world of adventure awaits students and parents alike at Sly Park!

Welcome Parents and Students!

It is a pleasure to welcome you to an educational adventure that lasts a lifetime! Returning teachers, cabin leaders, parents, and administrators carry with them memories from when they first visited Sly Park as a student. You too will soon be creating memories about the students you meet, the cabin you call home, the awesome Sly Park teachers, the great food in the cafeteria, and some amazing activities. Please read the participant-related materials listed below and bring the Parent/Student Handbook to Sly Park with you. We look forward to seeing you soon!

Register Online!

Register your student for the Sly Park outdoor science education experience.

Special Dietary Needs/Food Allergies

Please contact the Sly Park Kitchen a minimum of two weeks prior to arrival date for ALL dietary needs: (916) 228-2320 or Please provide the following:
  • First and last name of adult or student
  • School name
  • Dates attending Sly Park
  • Dietary need(s)
Dietary needs may include, but are not limited to: Vegetarian, Vegan, Lactose Intolerant, Gluten Free, Food Allergies, No Beef, No Pork, and No Peanuts/Nuts.

Note: Sly Park Kitchen is Peanut & Nut Free.

Please provide a reliable contact as additional information may be required.

Sly Park does not discriminate based on the actual or perceived race, religious creed, color, national origin, nationality, immigration status, ethnicity, ethnic group identification, ancestry, age, marital status, pregnancy, physical or mental disability, medical condition, genetic information, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sex, or sexual orientation, in accordance with all applicable Federal and State laws and regulations.

About Sly Park

Sly Park Environmental Education Center is located approximately 60 miles east of Sacramento in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. Site elevation is approximately 3,500 feet in forested foothill terrain. Visiting students reside at Sly Park for three, four, or five days, during which time they engage in a variety of outdoor activities in all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and ice. Standardized, well-balanced meals are provided. Students sleep on bunk beds in heated cabins shared with other students. Bathroom facilities are located inside the cabins with private showers. As an education center, we provide unforgettable outdoor science learning experiences to over 8,000 elementary students each year.

Experiences include team building activities, outdoor adventures, and opportunities for personal growth as well as gaining a deeper understanding of science concepts within the California Next Generation Science Standards. As an accredited California Resident Outdoor Learning Center, there is a particular emphasis on physical and life sciences. Students will investigate many topics including: ecosystems, animals and insects, environment awareness, geology, the water cycle, and local flora.

Introductory Videos

  • KVIE Sly Park Video
    Learn more about our outdoor science and environmental education program with KVIE's "Inside California Education: Sly Park" video.

  • Experience Sly Park Video
    Get a feel for what Sly Park is all about with this brief video.

Photo Tour

Get familiar with Sly Park's many splendid sights by watching our Photo Tour slide show.

Coming Soon: Virtual Tours!

Experience Sly Park virtually with our panoramic portraits of the grounds:

  • Entrance
  • Stone Circle
  • Cabins
  • Cabin Room
  • Gym and Climbing Wall
  • Basketball Courts
  • Cafeteria