From the  Director

Welcome to the Sly Park Outdoor Education Center!

As a residential program with over 50 years of experience, it is our goal to provide a world-class outdoor education experience to our students, Cabin Leaders (adult chaperones), and Visiting Teachers. While the Sly Park staff provides this experience every week, we treat every week as a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for our students and attending parents.

Sly Park provides an unparalleled combination of indoor and outdoor student learning opportunities to over 8,000 students each year. Hiking, climbing wall, astronomy, animal room, shelter building, and arts & crafts are but a few of the student activities Sly Park provides. All activities are always supervised by multiple adults and provide ample opportunity for social-emotional growth in a safe setting.

All of our curriculum aligns with the California Content Standards (CCS), including that of the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), and each of our teachers are fully credentialed California science teachers — this is a point of pride and separates us from most other programs. Of course, all activities include a cross-curricular approach, including science, history, English Language Arts, arts, and math. All that Sly Park offers is entirely complimentary to classroom teacher instruction.

Collectively, we are excited and proud to serve our students, Visiting Teachers, and Cabin Leaders. We appreciate that resources are limited and we will continue to do all we can to ensure the best possible outdoor education experience.

Please take a moment to browse the resources on our website and to let us know if you have any questions.

We look forward to hosting you.

- Jeremy Meyers
  Director II